Research projects

InnoSec conducts applied research within the scope of both European and national research programmes. During the past three years, InnoSec has participated in the following research projects:

Project acronym / titleDescriptionNotes
CS-AWARE – A cybersecurity situational awareness and information sharing solution for local public administrations based on advanced big data analysis CS-AWARE aims at researching and applying new and innovative solutions for confronting and managing malicious cyberattacks against the information systems of small- and medium-sized local public administrations, in accordance to the EU cybersecurity strategy and guidelines. The objective of CS-AWARE is the development of a cybersecurity situational awareness system that will contribute to the prevention and confrontation of cyberattacks. InnoSec's contribution involves the development of the cybersecurity information exchange system and the self-healing module.Horizon 2020, DS-02-2016 (Innovation Action). 2017–2020.
SPELL – Smart PEopLe Linked SPELL is a mobile application, able to provide dynamic, real-time information and updates to users, about points of interest that attract people. SPELL gathers and analyses open big data that correlates to a city and its population, in order to answer questions such as: Where are the crowds? How many people are attending this event? Where are my friends? Where do people usually go on a Saturday night out?FIWARE SOUL-FI, Round A2. 2015.
SOHealth – Smart Open Internet Services for Health SOHealth proposes and implements a set of novel, innovative services in the area of e-prescription, medical and medication history. These services enable both health professionals and patients themselves to access the data securely. InnoSec's contribution involves the definition of security requirements for personal data and identity management, as well as to the development of a security plan.National “Collaboration 2011” call («Συνεργασία 2011»). 2015.