Security mechanisms

The purpose of this service is the deployment and configuration of security mechanisms, suitable for satisfying the organisation’s security requirements.

The specialised information security engineers of InnoSec study the organisation’s security plan or, should one not exist, evaluate the security requirements and designs and deploys the necessary security mechanisms. An important target of this process is the training of the organisation’s employees to monitor and manage these mechanisms.

The security mechanisms are designed, deployed/configured and add their functionality to the organisation’s existing information systems. Some indicative security mechanisms are listed below:

  • Users and systems authentication.
  • Access control and rights assignment.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates, as well as digital signatures applications.
  • Encryption.
  • Network security mechanisms (Firewalls, VPNs).
  • Design and installation of network security monitoring (IDS, SIEM) and early warning systems.
  • Installation of data leakage protection mechanisms (DLP).
  • Surveillance of network services.
  • Mechanisms for supporting the uninterrupted operation of the necessary services.
  • Reinforces the protection of the network infrastructure and services.
  • Shields the organisation against liabilities, by demonstrating that all necessary measures have been taken for the protection of retained data and provided services.
  • Ensures the organisation’s uninterrupted operation after a cyberattack or natural disaster.
  • Establishes procedures for confronting and management of information security incidents.
  • Trains personnel so as to be in position to manage and extend the existing security mechanisms.
Depends on the organisation’s size and the mechanisms that will be installed.