Digital forensics

InnoSec’s experts on digital forensics undertake the investigation of such security incidents. The aim is to determine what has happened, to evaluate the extent of the inflicted damage and to identify the exploited vulnerability. The digital forensics service employs established techniques/methodologies for the protection, collection, identification, analysis, interpretation, justification and presentation of any findings originating from digital evidence and aims at understanding and/or reproducing the specific actions that lead to a security incident, or at the prevention of actions against the organisation’s information systems.

The methodology for conducting this service takes into account compliance with the existing legal framework and ensures the uninterrupted operation of the organisation, as well as the confidentiality and discretion of the obtained results.

  • In many cases, a forensic analysis can justify accountability for the security breach, thus enabling the pursuit of legal claims.
  • Reinforces the protection of the network infrastructure and services against the previously-undetected vulnerabilities that were exploited so as to cause the breach.
  • Trains and suggests measures for forensic readiness, for facilitating the forensic investigation of potential security breaches in the future.