Application and network services security testing

Application and network services security testing concerns organisations that develop or obtain applications and electronic services from third parties. Specialised security engineers of InnoSec perform souce code analysis, in order to discover security flaws. Furthermore, network services are being tested for discovering vulnerabilities.

The aims of this process are to ensure that an application or a service is free from vulnerabilities, before they become an operational product and to develop a procedure of secure maintenance and management of its lifecycle. For this process, established code analysis and vulnerability discovery techniques/methods are being used, also by taking into consideration the various recommendations of authoritative organisations.

The methodology according to which this service is applied, ensures the organisation’s uninterrupted operation, as well as the confidentiality and discretion of the results.

  • Protecting the reputation and prestige of an organisation that develops or uses applications or network services.
  • Protection from attacks against applications and services, thus minimising the impact of such actions (economic damage, liabilities, bad reputation).
  • Development of an integrated maintenance and lifecycle management framework for applications and network services.
Depends on the service architecture and its structural qualities.